3) Once you have set up your repair station, you’re ready to go! For Cloud Flasher PayGo Dealers, you will see your balance updated after each flash, for Unlimited Flash Dealers you will receive a monthly email of CF marketing campaigns in your area and renewal notification. He opened in Albany on Sept. 1 of this year. Mobile pickup and delivery is supplied in and around Linn and Benton counties. There is also mail service for those who access his website, www.devicemedics.com. White said most of the work he sees deals with either liquid damage or physical damage to screens and displays. “Liquid damage can happen a lot, especially in Oregon. People drop their phones in toilets and puddles or just expose them to the wet weather,” White said. He said screen damage usually happens when items are dropped or someone accidentally leans against them. He said about the only damage that can’t be repaired is when a device has complete corrosion or a part breaks in half. Parts are available for virtually any phone no matter how old it may be according to White. He has a large inventory of parts on hand and can usually get anything he needs within two days. His expertise includes certification for standard circuit board level work and specialized training on small electronics.