The problem for you and probably for many other wireless customers in a similar situation is that Verizon's base plan for new subscribers under the Share Everything plan will probably give you way more voice minutes and text messages than you actually need. If you're already a Verizon customer, you may be able to pick a plan with fewer voice minutes and messaging. When you flash something, it basically means to program or reprogram the ROM. The ROM contains some of the software or information codes that tell your device how to function. For example if you have a ROM that is customized or a ROM that is from the carrier like Sprint or Verizon it will give instructions to your device about how to act and behave, such as certain icons, available connections you can make, etc... By repair new ROM's or other programming you may unlock or extend the capabilities of your phone or device from what was otherwise originally intended by the person you purchased it from which in this case for a cell phone would be the carriers like Sprint or Verizon. Typically the carriers want to restrict access to your phone so they program it in such a way as to do that. “It’s not the same? said one flasher. “But I guess it has advantages. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to showing Marvin the Martian my Johnson.? Cell phones can become an annoyance when they start ringing at the wrong time in the wrong place. the incessant ringing of a cell phone in a library, hospital, and theater or in some profession settings, can be distracting, especially because silence or, at least, quiet ambience, is required in such places. Repairs cell phones provide the perfect solution for such scenarios and are much better than vibrating phones because repair cell phone batteries can be kept anywhere in a room as opposed to vibrating features, which must be kept near the user to be effective. The next virtual repair festival will be held the weekend of April 15th at the Days Inn of Manhattan. The way to get those restrictions out of your phone so you can unlock new features, such as being able to use on another carrier, is to flash some new software such as a ROM. But even this plan at a minimum would probably cost you $70 with the lowest number of voice minutes, which is 450 voice minutes for $40. You'd also get 2GB of data for $30. But you'd have to pay even more for a texting plan if you wanted that as well.



That's likely more than what you're paying now for cell phone service, since your wife doesn't have a data plan for her basic flip phone. But it's likely cheaper than if you subscribed to two data plans under the old Verizon family plan model. In that scenario you'd likely pay about $90 for voice service with 1,400 minutes of talk time, two data plans at $30 each, 1,000 text messages to share at $20, for a grand total of $170 a month.You can go to this site to get access to Page Plus as well as other resellers, such as H2O Wireless, which uses AT&T's 3G wireless network. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile use Sprint's network. And Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile's network. Beigephone.com can provide access to each of these services.


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